Best Fish for Beginner Pet Owners

Pet fish can be cared for very easily. This is not the case with pet dogs or cats that are more difficult to maintain and care for. However, for beginners into fish owning it is a nightmare to arrive one day only to find their beloved friends with their bellies up in the aquarium. This means that for the ones who are not experienced in owning a pet fish it is tough to keep the fish alive for a very long time. Another reason is not maintaining the fish tank properly and that is why we always recommend finding a reputable Aquarium Filter specialist like, when wanting only the best filtration system for your new fish. This does not necessarily mean that you must not get a pt fish at all. But what needs to be done on the end of the beginners is looking for a pet fish that is easy to care for. This means that you must nurture the low maintenance species in this category. So, what is the best pet fish for beginners?

Pet Fish for the Beginners

Experts are of the view that there are different varieties of pet fish apt for beginners and these include:

  • Danios like Pearl and Zebra
  • Barbs that include Purple, Tico, Ruby, Gold, Rosy and Cherry
  • Rasboras like Scissortails and Harlequins
  • Rainbowfish namely Neons, Celebes and Boeseman’s
  • Catfish like Gold Cory or Bronze, Bandit Cory, Panda Cory and Spotted Cory.

This list is not conclusive as several other fish varieties are best for the beginners. However, the above-mentioned examples are the perfect starting point for fish enthusiasts. It is quite important for the local fish stores to be careful in providing customers with the knowledge required for maintaining and caring for a pet fish. This goes especially for the beginners.